Thursday, November 12, 2009

Medeski at The Stone

Last Saturday night I went to The Stone to see a set with Tisziji Munoz (guitar) John "lam sobo" Medeski (keyboards) Ra-Kalam Bob Moses (drums) John Lockwood, and Don Pate (bass). Medeski is curating all the shows there this month, and he played every night last week 11/3-11/9. Though I love Medeski, I did not enjoy the show very much. I thought he would be leading the band but instead those duties went to the guitar player Tisziji Munoz. Therefore it seemed Medeski’s keys played more of a supporting role while the guitar work of Munoz was showcased. After a chaotic opening song that lasted about 25 minutes with swirling rhythms and Munoz’s assault on the guitar I realized that I was in for a set of free jazz with odd guitar phrasing and seemingly no structure. As the set continued there were a few bright spots and I found myself enjoying every new song a little more than the last. However it seemed the set was cut a little short and by the time I was starting to get into the groove the show was over. As far as The Stone, it’s a small space, and a nice venue to see a show…but it made me really miss the days of Tonic. The Stone felt like a museum where the music was on display and there definitely seemed to be a bit of a reverent tone to the place. While leaving the show my buddy called his wife and after she asked how the show was he replied, “It was your worst nightmare.” So the music definitely was not for everybody.

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