Thursday, October 1, 2009

James McMurtry live at Southpaw

On Thursday, September 24, 2009 James McMurtry brought his brand of Texas rock to Southpaw in Brooklyn. Having only listened to a few songs and read a bit of his bio, I went to the show without really knowing what to expect. As I stepped to the bar to order a round of PBR’s, McMurtry and his band started playing. McMurtry with his signature hat, long hair, guitar, and voice immediately got my attention; but it was the rich sounds of the bass and drums that made everything really work live. After playing a few songs, McMurtry tried to get folks to dance but it seemed that most just wanted to watch. NYC is definitely not the natural setting for this kind of music. It certainly is a lot different than most of the concerts I go to, but it was a welcome change. My buddy mentioned that when he saw McMurty in Georgia the place was sold out and everyone was going crazy. Southpaw could have used a little more energy on this particular night. However, it sounded great and they had grenades of Colt 45 for a dollar at the bar so I was feeling just fine. Some of my favorite songs from the set were Red Dress and Choctaw Bingo. At the merch table McMurtry was selling a new live CD from his tour in Europe which I would definitely recommend checking out.

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